Giant Tarpon, Redfish, and Black Drum Action!!

Report Date: June 3, 2013

It;s Tarpon Time on Fly here along the Nature Coast!!! This Homosassa Tarpon fell for a perfectly placed fly during our most recent Florida Fishing Adventure.

  As we enter the month of June, I for one hate to see the month of May fade away. With median temperatures hovering in the low 80’s and the absence of the normal humid days, the month of May has turned out to be one of the more comfortable months of this early year. With the added benefit of a delay in the summer season the Spring like weather has provided us with many fishing opportunities that we normally do not see this time of year.

Checkout this 43" 30lb+ Slobzilla of a Redfish!!

  Over the last month huge Schools of large Redfish and Black Drum have remained on our local flats in force. It’s normally not uncommon during the Spring and early Summer to finds a hand full of oversized Redfish and a number of Giant Black Drum but to find schools of fish in the 50’s+ is a site we normally see in the dead of summer or winter. On a few recent trips most of my anglers have been sight fishing and fly fishing to giant Black Drum that are being found in ankle deep water. This crystal clear water is normally where we sight fish for Redfish but in recent weeks the giant schools of Black Drum have also fell in love with the same areas. There is nothing more exciting than targeting tailing Redfish and Giant Black Drum along the same flats.

Sweat Crystal River Black Drum release!!!

  Another real treat has been the Tripletail fishing during the recent month. Normally once stone crab season is over (May 15) and most traps are hauled in the Tripletail tend to look for structure else where. However, with the weaker than normal tides keeping many grass lines here in the area, running and gunning along these lines has been a for sure bet. The only problem with targeting these tripletail on these weaker tides is finding a way to keep a bait or a fly on the surface so that a tripletail can see it. Fly floatant has worked well on all saltwater flies, however trying to keep a bait on the surface can be a bit of a challenge. What we have found to work best is to add a little “foam strike indicator” used for fly fishing to any live bait or lure to keep it up on the surface. This takes a little bit adjusting but the results have definitely been their on the finicky at times Tripletail!!!

Jim with a nice Crystal River Tripletail!!

  Now for the holy grail of all inshore fishing!!!! Our Tarpon season is in full swing up and down the Nature Coast. Lately, I have been asked what has this cooler weather done to the Tarpon fishing? The consensus from me and every other guide in the area is that our Tarpon season is going to be prolonged possibly into the heart of July. Normally Tarpon Prime Time is from the 3rd week of May into the 3rd week of June, however with this abnormally mild May featuring lower than normal temperatures it looks like prime time will be the entire month of June.

We are still seeing plenty of schools of fish in recent weeks and still putting plenty of fish in the air. The trick has been to feed them the right combination of fly/bait, weather, and boat positioning. In other words the angler and guide have to do their job and Mother Nature just needs to cut us a little slack from time to time. Long story short the most exciting spectacle in all of fishing is still watching the Silver King launch its self out of the water.

So with all of these incredible fishing opportunities be found in one area why not think of adding a little Nature Coast outdoors action to your next vacation plans.


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